Online shop is a large web site containing a catalog of products or services, allowing to carry out selection of the desired product, place an order, specify delivery options and choose the form of payment, and pay for the goods directly on the site. The main advantage of an online shop, from the client’s point of view, is the complete freedom of the buyer: he can visit the shop as many times as he wants, at any time, regardless of location; repeatedly to view and examine any goods and arbitrarily reflect, before deciding to purchase. From the point of view of the seller, the online shop allows you to sell anywhere in the world, to fully control the quality of customer service, accept payments online, to save your budget for the physical store (showroom), contain minimal staff. Online store is a versatile tool for those who wish to obtain the most revenue with the least expenses.


Corporate site is the site of the company, its official representation in the virtual space, which makes it possible to disseminate information about it without spatial and linguistic boundaries. Corporate website is full of information about the company, the area of its activities, products and services produced and / or offered by it. Also on the corporate web site catalog of products and services, and any additional services may be placed.

Online catalog
In contrast to the online store, online catalog, which also contains a detailed and advanced information about the goods, which include description and photos of the product, production information, does not allow you to buy products directly. Shopping cart and payment system is not connected, that’s why there is no possibility of immediate purchase of desired goods.

Online catalog is a virtual showcase of trade, without straight selling, but instead provides information to clients about the distributors, orienting them as possible, to purchase goods or services given in the catalog, in a particular region. Sometimes an online catalog provides information on the approximate cost or the spread in prices for manufactured goods or services.

A landing page is a web page that contains information about one particular product or service, which serves to attract audience and increase the effectiveness of advertising. The main objective of landing pages is to motivate the visitor to purchase the offered goods or services, that is, the motivation to target action. The transition of visitors to landing pages often carried out from social networks, links, media advertising and targeted mailings, and analysis of user actions when visiting landing page allows marketers to determine the success or failure inherent in the landing page of the advertisement. Landing can also be a microsite, that is a separate website consisting of several (up to five) pages with information about the advertised service or product. Microsites typically contain a minimum of textual information, but a large number of bright and attractive images of the product or service, sometimes including videos. This type of landing often used by large companies for advertising and promotion of individual projects.


Personal web site is the site of any particular person. As a rule, the personal website contains small capacity, personal or biographical data or information about services provided by the person or his capabilities.

Personal web site is a good opportunity to let people know about you, your talents or your business. A personal website can serve as online business card or portfolio website, personal blog or personal website. Typically, people who create this kind of web page are interested in self-presentation and advertising, or individual entrepreneurs – photographers, artists, crafts masters, artists, musicians, doctors, lawyers and representatives of various creative professions tied to interaction with people.

The main information of a personal website is an exclusive and attractive design, the availability to place personal information and it consist no more than 5-7 pages. Usually its structure is limited to a few main sections: about, services, rates, feedback form contacts. The website is perfect for business and creative people who need to present information in a concise and attractive form, as it is part of the image of a person.